Jigotai Kickboxing in English

Jigotai Kickboxing

Jigotai is martial arts club where you can practise several different styles including Aikido, Iaido, Judo, Ju-Jutsu, Karate, Kickboxing, Taido and Taiji.



Kickboxing is modern, straightforward and effective fighting sport. Techniques include punches, kicks, kneekicks, sweeps, clinching, blocks and dodges. Kickboxing is a great way of staying in shape and its suitable for both genders. Theres equal amount of men and women as our members. Most of our instructors have experience of competitions and they have won gold medals in Finnish championships and international tournaments.


Understanding finnish is not a requirement for attending training. Lessons are in finnish but coaches will demonstrate every exercise by themselves so its possible to keep up even not understanding the language. Coaches will give personal guidance in english.


Basic Course

Kickboxing basic course is held twice a year. Basic course lasts three months and costs 100 . Objective is to learn basic techniques and improve physical fitness. Understanding gym manners and etiquette is essential part of participating training later on. Previous experience of martial arts is not required. You need only shorts and t-shirt to begin training. Gym has boxing gloves, protective head gear, thai-pads and every training equipment you need for borrow. Later you can buy personal training equipment from the gym. We recommend that you acquire mouthpiece, boxing hand wraps and groin guard in the first weeks of training. Basic course ends with two day training camp which is held by experienced black belt instructor from some other gym.


Register to the basic course from link below. By registering you accept terms that you have no criminal assault and battery conviction or infectious blood disease.


Adults age 18 and up


Youngsters age 13 to under 18


Kickboxing passport

During basic course you can get kickboxing passport. Belt ranks, competitions, training camps, medical examinations, judge and instructor courses are recorded in the kickboxing passport. Passport costs 25 . At your first training camp you can participate yellow belt graduation. Passing graduation test will be recorded in the kickboxing passport. This proves that you have learned basic kickboxing techniques and you can safely participate exercises also in any other kickboxing gym. Our club is a member of Finnish Kickboxing Federation and WAKO (World Association of Kickboxing Organizations).


Practioners/Intermediate training group

Attending practioners/intermediate training group require that you have passed basic course succesfully. Advanced techniques are learned and physical fitness is improved. Advanced techniques include side kicks, back kicks, hook kicks, spinning back fists, combinations and you learn tactics and right timing. More speed and strenght is added to the techniques and cardio, flexibility and motor control attributes are increased. Most training sessions include sparring exercise where you learn to use techniques against an opponent. One year membership costs 100 .



Attending kickboxing competitions requires great commitment to the sport. Fighter must be well prepared both physically and mentally. This is achieved by hard training, strict training program and proper diet. Competitive fighters have their own training group once a week. Contact your instructor to ask permission to join competitive fighters training group.


Insurance and kickboxing license

Practising kickboxing is safe and serious injuries are very rare. Most injuries are minor scratches and bruises. Coaches monitor and instruct exercises so that they performed in a safe manner. However, kickboxing club is not responsible for injuries. Every member has to get insurance and kickboxing license from link below. One year insurance and license costs 55 for youngsters under 18 years, 80 for adults and 115 for competitive fighters.




Belt rank system

Kickboxing has belt rank system. Idea of belt rank system is to motivate and reward kickboxer. Belt ranks from lowest to highest rank are white, yellow, orange, green, blue, brown and black. Belts represent experience and skill of the kickboxer. Belt ranks are acquired in graduation tests. Candidate has to demonstrate sufficient skill in kickboxing techniques. Each belt rank has different requirements. Higher ranks require also that kickboxer has participated instructor and judge trainings, training camps and candidate has to do number of sparring rounds against experienced kickboxers. Belt is not typically worn in exercises and its only worn in graduation tests.